How to enjoy tax-free services

Request the tax-free document

You can request the document in all our stores that are identified with the INNOVA-TAX-FREE logo. You will need to fill the entire document with your personal data and keep it until you leave the last EU country you visit.

Stamp the Document at Customs

Once you are at the airport, port or border point, go to Customs and request the stamping of the document before packing your luggage. Please note that the Customs worker might ask you about the things you have bought in those countries.

Get the VAT refund

Send the INNOVA TAX-FREE document, already stamped by Customs, within the postage prepaid envelope. You can get the envelope at any of our stores and, in the end, you will receive the money directly to your credit card. If you prefer, you can receive the money in cash directly at any of the INNOVA refund points.

Requirements to enjoy Tax-Free

Not being a resident of the European Union

Being a tourist (no more than 3 months in a country)

Stamp the tax-free document at the border point at the airport, port or border country, before leaving the EU country

The document must contain all the necessary data written in a legible manner (name, surname, passport number, country of residence and email)